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Upcoming Class:

Introducing our week-long summer baking course, for teenagers passionate about cooking and interested in acquiring some serious baking techniques. Each day, we explore a variety of flavors and pastry arts methods needed to conquer the kitchen. This class requires no prior pastry experience. But by no means is this your typical make-pizza-and-ice-cream-sundaes kiddie "cooking" class! The course runs four hours each day for five consecutive days. Classes are only available as a five-day series, no single-day enrollments.

  • Day 1: Breakfast day: Baking with fruits & vegetables
    Carrot Cake with streusel topping, Chocolate Zucchini Loaf, Healthy Banana Oat Muffins, Lemon Poppy Seed Baked Donuts
  • Day 2: Italian Baking: Working with dough, baking breads and Cookies
    Honey Almond Cookies, Focaccia, Pizza dough and pizzas, Jam Crostata 
  • Day 3: French Baking: Pâte à choux and Puff Pastry
    Beef Wellington, Classic Baguette, Profiteroles, Cream Puffs, and Éclairs.
  • Day 4: Pie Day: International techniques & flavors
    Blueberry Pie, Chicken Pot Pie, Empanadas, Samosas
  • Day 5: Baking Up a Storm!
    Cookies, Cakes, Scones


Chef Alexandra Golovac

Thursday, September 14th, 7pm

We’re enjoying the last few weeks of Summer with a nod to Spain. Join us as we create flavorful dishes that trigger memories of late dinners on the Mediterranean .This classs will focus on developing light dishes with rich flavors. Learn to make a range of classic and contemporary small plates focused on using seasonal ingredients. Spanish tapas are perfect for sharing and are ideal for entertaining friends.

Menu : Tomato Gazpacho, Patatas bravas, Champinones al Ajillo, Tortillas de Gambas, and Tortas de Aceite y Anis

Chef Rafaella Sargi

Tuesday, September 26th, 7pm

Aren’t we lucky to live in a city where fresh fish is abundantly available!! If you are interested in mastering the essential techniques of preparing fish so it can be on the dinner table more frequently and even feel confident serving it to company, this is the class for you! We will explore a variety of approaches and cooking methods.

Menu: Salmon Crudo, Mahi Mahi en Papillote with Potato Purée, Pan Seared Sea bass with Arugula and warm vinaigrette, Lemon Almond Cake

Chef Rafaella Sargi


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